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The Veka Original ™ flooring system is very easy to clean. It has no topcoat so you don’t need any major repairs if you just give it a good daily cleaning.
For daily cleaning of your Veka Original™ flooring system we recommend at all times VekaCleaner. This pH-neutral cleaning solvent is specially designed for safe and thorough cleaning of the Veka Original ™ flooring system. It dissolves oil, grease and soot perfectly and is also suitable for use in many scrubber machines.

The Veka Original ™ flooring system does not ask much of its users

For a more thorough cleaning of the Veka Original ™ flooring system we also recommend VekaCleaner. The only difference is that the ratio should be set differently. To easily clean the areas that are heavily contaminated with, for example nicotine, grease or oil. In order to apply a new layer of wax you can use VekaPolish.

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Prices (Excl. Tax)

VekaCleaner: € 25,- per can
VekaPolish: € 50,- per can

Cans boxed in pairs, minimal decrease is two cans. Prices included shipping in the Netherlands.

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