Veka Original floor system

Veka Original floor system


With the right additional products you get a perfect job done!

There are a variety of accessories available for the Veka Original ™ flooring system. This allows us to correct the issues that sometimes give annoyances solve by applying the right accessory. Like the molding cove skirting, this PVC skirting system is available exclusively at Vekavloeren. The plinth ensures, among other things can be kept your hospitality floor easy to clean. Or think of the rising urchins, which are ideal for garage floors and restaurant floors. These provide a barrier-free transition to the adjacent floors.

Rechte plinten: Beschikbaar bij het 6mm & 10mm vloersysteem


In order to make the Veka Original™ flooring system completely liquid-tight, it’s possible to make a skirt finish of the same material and placed against the walls. The moldings are to be cut into any size and glued, welded to the floor finish. Against the wall the plinth is confirmed with MS polymer kit so that no bacteria and moisture can get behind the skirting board and the system remains completely impermeable.

Molded Cove Skirting

Unique of Vekavloeren is the Veka Original™  Cove Molding Skirting system. For a full impermeable finish of your floor and the connection with the walls is the unique Cove Molding skirting system a must from your floor system. By means of the easy finish and the unique angle reflects more closely the floor to be the strict HACCP requirements. This hollow skirting gives a huge lead in the way of cleaning.

Coved Molding
Oplooptegel: Beschikbaar bij het 6 & 10mm vloersysteem

Step up tile

When there is a difference is between the Veka Original floor system and the existing floor, you may opt for a Step up tile. These tiles from 100% recycled PVC materials leads from 2mm to 6 or 10mm. In showrooms and warehouses this is an ideal solution. For example, there will be no damage to the floor or your carts. Incurs the Step Up tiles are glued and welded to the floor so that the floor remains seamless and impervious.

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