Veka Original

This beautiful liquid tight floor system from Vekavloeren has been a proven force as a technical industrial floor!

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Veka Original™ floor system

The Veka Original™ floor system is suited for all your industrial floors. This floor system has proven itself for years with its combination of it unique features. A liquid tight PVC floor which can be installed quickly and in different phases.

Technical high standard floor system used in number of applications

This unique floor system of Vekavloeren is constructed out of sustainable PVC tiles with a van size of 500x500mm. Created with a lap joint connection between the tiles. The tiles will be glued, with two-components PU glue, on the ground. And the installation will be finished with both cold and thermal welding. This will give the floor a liquid tight character,  which results in a floor system which can easy be cleaned and it’s easy to maintain.

It Veka Original™ floor system has a number of unique characteristics:

Extremely durable and sound absorbing
Non-skid, even in wet condition
Leak proof and resistant to oil and chemicals
Easy to clean, easy to maintain
✓ Produced of 100% recycled PVC materials
✓ Meet the guidelines of HACCP


The standard colors of the PVC tiles are black and dark gray, but can also be ordered in all kind of other different colors. It will be installed with a welding wire, between the tiles, which can be chosen in a mix of a dozen colors. Special areas, for example a scullery in kitchens, can be marked with a different color of tiles or welding wire. This gives the floor a clear profile.

Colors Veka Original floorsystem

“Veka Original™ floor system can be used right after installation”

Veka Original™ is with a competent installation directly ready for use. This results in less obstruction for your daily activities. All the Veka floor systems can be installed in both new buildings as in renovation projects.

Application areas

  • Workshops & Showrooms;
  • Sales areas;
  • Manufacturing & Logistics;
  • Basement and storage areas;
  • Nurseries, day-care centres, schools;
  • Trade fair booth;
  • Schools;
  • Fitness Centres;
  • Food processing industry
  • Office spaces, medical practices;
  • Restoration of old buildings…


Veka Original™ can be installed with some extra accessories like Cove Molding plinths, plinths and Step Up tiles. These will naturally be installed with the characteristics of a fluid tight floor. Especially in the hospitality industry, and kitchens, this is of great importance. In some industries it’s even indispensable.

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