PVC Click tiles

PVC Click tiles

PVC Click tiles

Easy and fast to install by yourself

Veka Original™ is available in two different versions: the liquid-tight version and the PVC Click tiles. The PVC Click tiles are easy to install even for the non handyman. By clicking together the invisible key profiles you will create a beautiful and very useful floor in no-time.

You can create several types of floors such as the aforementioned workshop floor for instance in a bike shop, balcony floors, warehouse floors. The PVC click tiles come in two thicknesses: the 6mm and 15mm version. The 6mm version is located directly on the substrate. This is in contrast to the 15mm variant which ensures a small space under the tiles. These provide for an improved flow of any moisture or wires under the floor. When, ordering the tiles is always given a fitting instructions. If necessary, please let us advise you when placing for improved performance.

Benefits PVC Click tiles

The advantage of PVC Click tiles is mostly based on the time of installation and the durability of the tiles. The tiles are resistant to oils, most of the chemicals and they are sound deadening. The PVC Click tiles are floated installed, this means without are type of glue. Please pay attention, when you install the floor system you have to keep some space between the tiles and the walls.


PVC Click tiles are very useful as:


The PVC Click tiles are available in eight different colors. These are divided in three price groups. Do you like more information about prices or possibilities of this floor system please contact us via info@vekavloeren.nl.

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